Carefree, AZ


Carefree, Az. – where the striking splendor of the lush upper Sonoran landscape is celebrated by its residents and cherished by all.  Complementing this dramatic setting is a distinctive residential community which harmoniously incorporates the delicate flora and fauna of the SonoranDesert.   Nestled within the heart of the community is a pedestrian-friendly, vibrant business district containing a rich variety of dining opportunities amongst the surrounding mountain and desert vistas and a unique assortment of intimate shops and galleries.  

A wide variety of unique homes and condominiums can be found for sale of rent in Carefree, Az.

Carefree Facts

In the 1950’s, two entrepreneurs K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington, formed a partnership and acquired the land now known as Carefree.

In the 1960’s, SkyRanch Airport and the Desert Forest Golf Club opened.  The first shops and restaurants were constructed and business commenced within the TownCenter.

In the 1970’s, a total of approximately 300 homes had been constructed.  Many of the roads in and around Carefree were paved.

In the 1980’s, Carefree incorporated as a Town.

In the 1990’s, the population of Carefree increased to over 2,500 residents.

Today, Carefree’s population is approaching 4,000 residents.  The  Carefree Desert Gardens and Amphitheater hold numerous community concerts and events such as world class art shows throughout the year.  Carefree celebrates 50 years of history and 25 years of incorporation.

Carefree, Arizona, quite youthful in comparison to almost any city or town in the US. Yet Carefree’s founders and the stewards who followed them guided the town’s growth with a wisdom that exceeds that of many older communities. 

Huge granite rock formations add primordial drama to the already gorgeous Sonoran Desert. The ancient boulders inspired an architectural style in which the homes blend into the landscape.

Throughout its history, Carefree’s natural beauty, inviting climate and tranquil lifestyle have attracted many film celebrities and corporate executives. 

Carefree attractions include the Desert Forest Golf ClubSkyRanch at Carefree AirportCarefree Country Club (now The Boulders Resort), Carefree Inn (now Carefree Resort and Conference Center) and Spanish Village, a quaint small shopping and dining district. Projects initiated after incorporation carry on the same aesthetic and quality standards and would make the founders proud.

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