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Currently, the demand for rentals in Scottsdale far exceeds our inventory of available properties. Ranch Realty can market and lease your rental to a qualified tenant, creating immediate cash flow. Ranch Realty Property Management will provide professional management services designed to effectively serve our property owners and tenant alike. Happy tenants renew their leases!

Here are a few reviews from our clients....

Been with Ranch Realty over 18 years. Wouldn't use anyone else. Great service, great people.

 Reviewed by:
Richard A

Ranch Realty has been my Property Manager for over 10 years. (I am an out of state Landlord). They are always quick to respond and transparent. Mike Berg and Reinhard Aberer have been especially helpful over the years. Reinhard has walked me through water issues and the repairs needed in detail. I very much appreciate their efforts and trust them. Highly recommend. 

 Reviewed by:
Mary B

I have nothing but great things to say about Ranch Realty, and there whole team. Micheli Bruni and Reinhard Aberer, answer phone calls and emails, in a very timely manner. If I could rate there service a 10, I certainly would do that. 

 Reviewed by:
Kyle B.

I have worked with Ranch Realty for over 10 years. They have managed 3 of my investment properties for that entire time. I cannot say enough about the team and their approach to looking after and taking care of their customers. During this time we have also referred Ranch to a number of our friends who have also purchased property and needing professional mgmt. If you are looking for a great team to look after your investment this company should be given serious consideration. 

 Reviewed by:
Andrew H

Leo and Mike Berg, and their team at Ranch Realty, have made our life so much easier and less stressful. They are on top of everything related to lease, lessee and landlord information and recommendations. Very patient and very informative with explanations. We are completely satisfied with Ranch Realty and would highly recommend them. 

 Reviewed by:
Janice B

Ranch Realty has managed our Scottsdale property for over 20 years. I have always found them to be responsive and friendly. They have a large team of tradespeople a phone call away and any issues are taken care of promptly. I recommend them highly. 

 Reviewed by:
Kerrie Hale

So, if you're looking for the best residential rental and property management service in Scottsdale, AZ., you just found it!

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